Project management

Changes apply also to Operations & Managements. 5G journey has 3 steps: 1. product readiness or Product& technology Road map, 2. Commercialization of 5G use cases (Monetization of 5G), and 3. Changing of Operating Model with streamline of processes moving towards Automation (supported from AI enabled). The Operating model encompass how the whole Organization will evolve with the new 5G , and how each job role are adjusted highlighting new role and responsibilities.

Product marketing role evolving in the 5G area

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Product Marketing is responsible for developing positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, value argumentation, business cases, sales guide and sales materials and educating either the  Sales teams, the direct customers, the wide audience and the analysts community. As the product area is responsible of ”What to say” in presenting the products, the product marketing is responsible in ”How to say” in communicate the product or services functionalities and benefits.


Depending on the size of the organization, the Product marketing role and responsibility has evolved from a direct dependence to the Product Area (product management, in be a resource allocation) to an independent and parallel organization Marketing and Sales Organization to count more in the PUSH and highlight Gap from Customers´ needs to the Product Area offering.


In the legacy world with Software and hardware combined for creating a specific and single product, the Product Management is responsible for requirements while Product Marketing delivers messages, data sheets, white papers, speaking communication, web content etc..

Changing Organization with virtualized infrasructure

The new virtualized infrastructure requires a new organization to address the operational capabilities of the new technologies. We address the most popular three organizational model adopted by the CSP addressing pros and cons and the evolution with scheduled planning.

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Changing role and boosting motivation

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The changes driven by the introduction of new technology like 5G demands also a structured plan for communication of the strategy and vision of the transformation journey. Motivation of people and team accounted with long time same skills is regarded as very critical and sensitive.

Changing Organization strategy

Planning and implementation of Strategy direction with priorities on revenues generation team with minimum impact on the overall operational capability.

The time is now for companies to investment in technology and capabilities that will equip their businesses to outperform others (Mc Kinsey).

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