5G / Monetization/ IoT / MEC / Digitalization

5G Monetization

High Investing on new 5G technology are required. The lack of a killer application poses the question in how to monetize the network and justify the infrastructure investment

5G changes on technology and processes

The 5G technology represents an opportunities for changes - for explore new business opportunities, - for creating new strategy and drivers, - for changes purchases and processes, and - change on price models

What are the big expectation with 5G, from technology and investment view points?

Planning new services requires full knowledge on performances, reliability, convergence, latency. Product readiness follows the road map of standardization and ability in implementation.

Cloud native

Cloud vs Cloud Computing vs cloud native, Pros and Cons of the 3 key enabling journey towards 5g digital transformation

How Access network changes with 5G

5G is a game change, and will the business case for house holders broadband connectivity be unaffected with the coming innovative 5G technologies ? Technology is moving one step ahead on Mobile and one step behind on fixed network, until the FMC is getting mature.

Augmented Reality is creating new business opportunities

AR  realizes the virtual environment, a virtual presence  to create new experiences (B2C) and to help customers creating a differentiation (B2B).  It is the most mature among VR, MR, XR.

This experience of presence is requiring several technologies  tracking, latency, persistency, resolution requiring smart phones, heads-up displays , or also AR glasses (launched in South Korea and less popular in Europe), Head Mounted Displays (HMDs),.

Sensor, camera, AR glasses are complementing to create new solution for consumers (B2C). Video streaming, photo gallery (Europe), Education (Middle East), Entertainments (Asia) are the most popular.

Tracking, GPRS, webRTC, AI are key elements for innovative solution with SME (B2B) attracting and differentiating business proposition (B2B2C).